Cast Member Profile: PEACH PAULISON

Peach Paulison  |  Actress, Comedian, Stage Mgr

Peach Paulison is a stand up comic and storyteller who needed to sit and face the other way for awhile. She has performed at Stand Up New York, New York Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Boston Comedy Club and Caroline's on Broadway. She has also been seen on HBO, Comedy Central and cable channels other than that adult pay-per-view. Some of Ms. Paulison's favorite theatre credits include the Porter in “Macbeth” and Puck in “Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  Peach would like to thank the cast for their patience and sense of humor. No, really. ...Continued


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Black Ops And End Time Policy  | Open: 07/16/09 Close: 07/26/09 - Dominion NY
A female Psychiatrist is assigned to inventory and evaluate patients of a private mental institution being taken over by the State of Virginia in the midst of a fraud and patient abuse scandal. One of the patients is a mystery man with no records. She finds him delusional and disoriented and as she attempts to get him to reveal his identity she begins to suspect that he may be a casualty of a military psychic-ops program gone wrong.