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Alex Decaneas  |  Actor, Comedian

Alex Decaneas is a commercial actor, professional improviser and sketch comic performing regularly throughout NYC and internationally. Currently he is one half of Fantastic Genius, a frenzied sketch comedy show he performs with his wife in the city. Also, he can be seen at Gotham City Improv in a number of house shows. Theater credits include: Twelfth Night, The Tempest (at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Hard Times, Bus Stop, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. When not performing, Alex sings karaoke, makes short films, and takes naps. The quickest way to his heart is chocolate malt.<...Continued


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Black Ops And End Time Policy  | Open: 07/16/09 Close: 07/26/09 - Dominion NY
A female Psychiatrist is assigned to inventory and evaluate patients of a private mental institution being taken over by the State of Virginia in the midst of a fraud and patient abuse scandal. One of the patients is a mystery man with no records. She finds him delusional and disoriented and as she attempts to get him to reveal his identity she begins to suspect that he may be a casualty of a military psychic-ops program gone wrong.