Cast Member Profile: ALEXIS HARRIS

 Alexis Harris  |  Actress

born and raised New Yorker was first dicovered for her acting ability by Spike Lee himself. From a small child, She has always had a passion for the craft. Alexis’ bubbly attitude has always kept people laughing and wanting to see more. Alexis joined Lee Starsberg Acting School but after some time she got caught up in the cooperate world and lost touch of her (Gold). Then one day she decided that she was going to quit her job, become an actress and follow her long lost dream. With her saving's account almost at zero and everybody screaming recession she took her last bit of money and joined Bruce Orsteins Acting Class. ...Continued


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This Isn't Paradise  | Open: 06/18/09 Close: 06/29/09 - 78th Street Theatre Lab
Robert Adkins thinks he’s the next Donald Trump, as he is the leading moneymaker in a small Manhattan Real Estate Agency; until the perfect storm of a serious economic recession, and a new hire, threaten his “world”. This Isn’t Paradise comically explores the soci0pathic, money hungry, sexist, unstable…“tendencies”, a man can posses during hard times.