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 Nimesh Ghandi  |  Actor

Theatre: Theatre Studio, Inc., Rodrigo ‘Dimly In Flashes’; Salaam Theatre, Father ‘The Emperor Has Arrived’; Queens Players., Raji ‘7 Train’; Film: ATC Films, Pasthule, "Against the Current" (release: April 2009); Last Ditch Productions, Sanjeevy, “Special Needs’(release: May 2007); TV: ABC Episodic 103, The Maharishi, "Life On Mars” (release: Oct 23, 2...Continued


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This Isn't Paradise  | Open: 06/18/09 Close: 06/29/09 - 78th Street Theatre Lab
Robert Adkins thinks he’s the next Donald Trump, as he is the leading moneymaker in a small Manhattan Real Estate Agency; until the perfect storm of a serious economic recession, and a new hire, threaten his “world”. This Isn’t Paradise comically explores the soci0pathic, money hungry, sexist, unstable…“tendencies”, a man can posses during hard times.