Cast Member Profile: DAVID H HOLMES

 David H Holmes  |  Actor

I have been living and studying in New York for the last 6 years. I have worked with Austin Pendleton on three shows including the off broadway premier of War in Paramus and more recently the American Clock. I can be seen in the Warner Bros released film the Weekend.


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Production History

This Isn't Paradise  | Open: 06/18/09 Close: 06/29/09 - 78th Street Theatre Lab
Robert Adkins thinks he’s the next Donald Trump, as he is the leading moneymaker in a small Manhattan Real Estate Agency; until the perfect storm of a serious economic recession, and a new hire, threaten his “world”. This Isn’t Paradise comically explores the soci0pathic, money hungry, sexist, unstable…“tendencies”, a man can posses during hard times.