Cast Member Profile: KEN ASHFORD

 Ken Ashford  |  Actor

 has performed and directed in the Triad of North Carolina and New York for nearly two decades. After several years in the musical department of Samuel French, Ken entered NYU School of Law. He now earns a respectable living in an unrespectable profession (law), gravitating frequently to the theatrical arts in order to cleanse his incredibly tainted soul. Favorite past shows include Noises Off (Selsdon), Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical (Mr. Greenfelt), The Nerd (Rick) and Gilligan’s Island: The Musical (Skipper). ...Continued


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The Nebula Of Georgia  | Open: 05/20/09 Close: 05/22/09 - Manhattan Repertory Theatre
A comedy/drama about a Southern household where family secrets revealed threaten to tear the family apart untill a small boy finds an answer in an oatmeal box.