Cast Member Profile: DAEMON HATFIELD

 Daemon Hatfield  |  Keyboard

Daemon Hatfield (aka Monster-O) is a songwriter living in San Francisco. He writes catchy pop and electronica with a wide variety of sounds and instruments. Monster-0 is the three-headed dragon that fought Godzilla in the old Japanese monster movies.  Much of what Hatfield produces is inspired by his childhood, videogames and Japanese culture. Monster-O has collaborated with THE NARCISSISTS on several projects including the highly praised New York production of C. Commute....Continued


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Production History

Johnny Bad Vs. Jackie True: A Ruffian Poet And His Muse  | Open: 04/19/09 Close: 05/06/09 - Under St. Marks
In a violent and corrupt neighborhood, the ruffian, Johnny Bad chases his dream of becoming a renowned poet.  In Jackie True, he finds the muse he's looking for.  The romance is complicated by the potential of a family, and the couple must choose between their aspirations and reality.

Ryan Colwell's one-person show Johnny Bad vs. Jackie True provides social exploration of the structure, importance and development of family. Centered around the poet/ruffian Johnny Bad and his enamoring muse Jackie True, the play traces the couple and their friends born into and raised in a neighborhood accursed with violence, impulse and fear.  When the potential of a child arises, Johnny Bad and Jackie True must cut through the passion and daydreams and approach their future with forced maturity.

The format of the show is influenced primarily by the early solo performance styles of Lily Tomlin, Beatrice Herford and Ruth Draper in which the intimate point of view, reaction-based delivery allows the monologue to explain itself in time.