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Adam Files  |  Actor

Adam Files was born three years before you were. That’s right. He was here first. And emboldened by that authority he hereby claims all your stuff. So, seriously, he was born and raised in North Dakota... By wolves. Very articulate wolves with people names. His father was a theatre coach. And in so being doomed him to a life of art, culture, and poverty. His mother was very patient. She bought him lunches at least once a week for all 5 years of college. Seriously, how long would you tolerate this? Both parents attended every one of his 7 seasons at the local summer theatre. He battled robots. ...Continued


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A Comedy Of Errors  | Open: 05/14/09 Close: 05/24/09 - Beckmann Theater
Cartoons meets Classics as Phare Play Productions presents A Comedy of Errors, adapted and directed by Michael Hagins. Using the slapstick style that ran rampant in the cartoons we all grew up with, Hagins brings live animation to this Shakespearean tale of double twins confusing an entire town. The show features lots of pratfalls, slaps, weaponry, chases and love triumphant.

Call Waiting  | Open: 03/28/09 Close: 04/05/09 - Beckmann Theater
Welcome to the chaotic world of semi-engaged Samantha and semi-single mom, Jill - best friends attached by their cells. As they stumble along the path of life, they get tripped up by James the cheater, nice guy Brian, bubbly Cassie and Steve who is… well, just Steve. Filled with good humor, healthy rage and crab rangoons - these gals discover that they've got a lot of advice, they just aren't the best at taking it…but that's for another phone call. Phare Play Productions premieres this fun, new romantic dramedy by Nora Vetter.

Fragments  | Open: 07/15/09 Close: 07/17/09 - Manhattan Repertory Theatre
Between Elizabeth's 'loving' emasculation of any man nearby, George's rampant paranoia that the sexiest girl ever - Cassandra - will make him her bitch, and Ryan's maniac nightmares of his castrating fiancé, these roommates and the rest of the myriad ensemble throw together a slap dash party to inevitably fulfill their sad destinies through wildly mismatched love affairs, life-altering prank phone calls, and the perpetual misconnection between an ambitious TV journalist-to-be and the guy next door.

Fragments invites you to laugh at their misfortune, empathize if you’ve gone through it too recently, and reminisce on when you were so naïve and fondly wonder…. What the hell was I thinking?!

Part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Summerfest

Directed by Christine Vinh Weems