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Patricia R. Floyd  |  Director

Is a proud native of the "Motor City," Detroit, Michigan. A recipient of two AUDELCO awards and three Audiophile Golden Earphones awards, she has also appeared in films such as Thirty Years to Life and Indelible and has television credits which include Law & Order and two of its franchise dramas, as well as Rescue Me, The Chris Rock Show, and Reading Rainbow. Cutting her directing teeth in Detroit on such projects as for colored girls...,...Continued


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Whore Works  | Open: 03/13/09 Close: 03/22/09 - Spoon Theatre
This is my first time doing this...........
I've NEVER paid anyone for sex before.........

WHORING IS HARD WORK. And now the competition is about to get stiffer with the influx of the newly jobless. Whore Works takes a sharp, witty, balls-out look at a black male hooker’s day-to-night struggle with hating and sometimes loving men who are paying him to, know.

A young hooker (Juan Michael Porter II) services
several different tricks (Bryan Webster) in this
provocative new play in which two black actors
wrestle with the question: Isn't Money Love?