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Sara Towber  |  Actress

Sara Towber began her professional career at the School of American Ballet, performing at the New York State Theater. While attending Smith College and graduating with a degree in Literature she performed throughout the Pioneer Valley with various companies and The Ohio Dance Theater. Upon returning to New York and hanging up her dancing shoes, she has studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, The Neighborhood Playhouse and The Matthew Corozine Studio. ...Continued


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No Sex Please, We're British  | Open: 07/18/09 Close: 07/26/09 - Chernuchin Theater at ATA
Scandinavian pornography abounds when it is mistakenly sent to a bank branch manager and his young bride.  They try to keep it safely hidden from his nosy mother who happens to be visiting, his boss who's trying to become family, a bank inspector with insomnia who comes by for an unexpected visit and a tipsy police superintendent. With the help of the chief cashier who is way over his head, they manage to spin the most insane and deliciously fun web of mistaken identities, physical mishaps and hilarious complications resulting in a true classic door-slamming, high energy farce.

Directed by Christine Vinh Weems

Assistant Directed by Sara Towber

Tape  | Open: 02/27/09 Close: 03/01/09 - Matthew Corozine Studio
 An impromptu 10 year reunion puts friends under fire when Vince, a pot dealing fire fighter, tries to get Jon, an aspiring film maker, to confess to the past. A suspenseful, high-stakes drama, "Tape" is a look at how perception can color memory and that the past is sometimes not what you remember.

Performed with “Waiting Life” – a new one act about dating in New York City from both sides of the coin.

It’s a night of theatre that looks at relationships from different perspectives – for better and for worse.

The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women  | Open: 12/03/08 Close: 12/14/08 - Roy Arias Theaters
The Emma Goldman Theatre Brigade, a radical feminist theatre group, is at it again - implementing their innovative lottery system to insure theatrical equality. They each draw the role they will play out of a hat each night before the show, but tonight there's a critic in the audience and t he sisterhood is put to the test when some of them don't draw the role they want. What follows is the trial of five women accused of denying Anastasia Romanov, the infamous daughter of Tsar Nicholas, of her identity where the audience becomes judge and jury. They rule on objections during the course of the play, creating a new show with every performance. A courtroom drama based on history wrapped in a backstage farce with a healthy dose of audience participation thrown in for good measure, The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women presents a profoundly engaging excursion into the interactions of women who are survivors and abusers.
The View From Here  | Open: 11/11/08 Close: 11/16/08 - Sage Theater
Set in Kentucky, "The View From Here" is a comedy about four "kooky and unique" people trying to pick up the pieces of their rapidly falling apart lives. The play centers around Fern, an agoraphobic, trying to find a reason and the courage to step out of her front door. Ultimately "The View From Here" is a play about healing, allowing yourself to love, and the pain that hope carries with it.