Cast Member Profile: CHRISTINA BERRY

Christina Berry  |  Actress
Christina Berry is her second theatre production with Diversity Players of Harlem. Christina also appeard in Die Laughing. Her hobbies are composed of singing, dancing, drawing and computer activates. Christina has a very expressive face and she takes direction well she loves performing in any form. Christina has two siblings of which she is the youngest....Continued

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A Family's Play  | Open: 06/17/08 Close: 06/22/08 - Roy Arias Theatre 2
A Family's Play, which depicts a family structure reshaped by the affects of society. Deceits coupled with sharply contrasting personalities create the backdrop of this timeless piece. Follow the Delaney's as they embark on a heralding journey to seek the truth of family secrets, and realize that actions have cemented and will now... forever change their lives.