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Marvin Telp  |  Actor

Marvin Telp is originally from Baltimore, MD. He moved to New York two years ago to chase his dream of becoming a professional actor.  He has received his training at Penn - State University and a series of advanced acting courses throughout New York City.  He has great determination and energy and grinds hard everyday to make his a dream a reality.<...Continued


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A Family's Play  | Open: 06/17/08 Close: 06/22/08 - Roy Arias Theatre 2
A Family's Play, which depicts a family structure reshaped by the affects of society. Deceits coupled with sharply contrasting personalities create the backdrop of this timeless piece. Follow the Delaney's as they embark on a heralding journey to seek the truth of family secrets, and realize that actions have cemented and will now... forever change their lives.
No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs  | Open: 07/09/08 Close: 07/27/08 - Spoon Theatre
No Niggers, No Jews, No Dogs, is the story of a Black family in the South living under the rigors of racism. Rawl Cheeks is a loving family man devoted to his wife Mattie and children Joyce and Matoka. The Cheeks are a close-knit church going family struggling to make ends meet. In order to supplement their income they allow Yaveni Aaronson, a sociologist, to do research on their family. Yaveni, a Jew, is gathering material, comparing the trials and tribulations faced by the Blacks under racism with that of the suffering of the Jews under racism, both in Europe and in America. (Oregan Coast News Signal)