Melisa Breiner-Sanders  |  Actress
passed our rigorous Crazy Test with multiple flying colors. She most recently appeared in *It's All Goode* with Reality Aside Theatre at The Laugh Factory in NYC. Melisa has had leading roles in five independent feature films including *Women's Studies, Blood Brothers*, *Love Knot* and *Intersecting Truths*. Her credits also include several web series, industrials and more. www.MelisaBS.c...Continued

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PUNCH 59 Sketch Comedy  | Open: 09/20/08 Close: 09/20/08 - Gene Frankel (Underground)
Gene Frankel Underground
24 Bond Street
10PM - $10

PUNCH 59 Sketch Comedy is intelligent, irreverent sketch comedy with NO IMPROV!

We are proud to feature "Movie, Movie", written by Thomas Meehan ("The Producers") as part of our show. Originally published in the New Yorker, "Movie, Movie" features the characters Bonnie and Clyde, who meet "in Coney Island; in shadows and fog", and their ensuing dialogue consists only of movie titles.

The cast is Jen Ryan (FringeNYC Outstanding Performance Award), Traci Hovel ("30 Rock"). Rik Sansone (Summer '69), Adam P. Murphy ("Easy Outs"), Marek Sapieyweski, and Rebecca Lewis-Whitson.

Tickets are available at the box-office day of show. Industry comps are always available.

Questions? Email us at or call 212 613 6312!

PUNCH 59 Sketch Comedy  | Open: 10/20/08 Close: 10/28/08 - Gene Frankel (Underground)
PUNCH 59 is intelligent, irreverent sketch comedy with sketches like "Duane Rude", "BBC's Baby Time", and "Interfaith Understandings with Rev. Bill and Betty". If you like SNL you'll LOVE PUNCH 59!

We are proud to feature Thomas Meehan's "Movie, Movie" as part of our show. Originally published in the New Yorker, "Movie, Movie" features the characters Bonnie and Clyde, who meet "in Coney Island; in shadows and fog...", and their ensuing dialogue consists only of movie titles.

PUNCH 59's cast is Jen Ryan (NYMF ‘08: "Wrapped"; NYCFringe Outstanding Performance), Rik Sansone ("Summer '69"), Adam P. Murphy ("Easy Outs"), Traci Hovel ("30 Rock"), Melisa Breiner-Sanders ("Becket"), Carlos Espada, and Marek Sapieyewski.

Thomas Meehan received his first Tony Award in 1977 for writing the book for Annie, his Broadway debut, and subsequently won for The Producers (2001) and Hairspray (2002). Mr. Meehan is a long-time contributor of humor to The New Yorker, an Emmy Award-winning writer of television comedy, and a collaborator on a number of screenplays including Mel Brooks' Spaceballs and To Be or Not to Be. Mr. Meehan's "Movie, Movie" was adapted for the stage by Jen Ryan and PUNCH 59 is the only troupe in the world currently performing it.

Punch 59 Sketch Comedy & Starr Reich Hunter  | Open: 01/13/09 Close: 01/13/09 - Broadway Comedy Club
Sketch and improv for just $5?


Kick off the new year with PUNCH 59's irreverent, intelligent sketch comedy -- with scathing parodies and original characters, we never "dumb it down". PUNCH 59 is proud to feature a one-act from THOMAS MEEHAN (Tony Winner for The Producers & Hairspray) entitled "Movie, Movie", where the characters speak only in movie titles!

With special guests STARR REICH HUNTER - a form-less, trip-to-Mars-less three-person improv experience!

Are you a UCB or PIT student? GET IN FREE with proof of current enrollment!




Wwss5 - Phare Play's 21 Hour Play Festival  | Open: 03/28/09 Close: 03/28/09 - Beckmann Theater
Phare Play is back with its biannual short play festival.  21 hours to put together seven one acts for your viewing pleasure.  Here's how those 21 hours break down:

Bill Bria, Emily Ehlinger, Duncan Pflaster, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Oliver Thrun, Michael Weems and Spencer Wolf

Friday, March 27th: They meet at the Beckmann theatre in midtown at 10PM to get their themes, script guidelines and the headshots/resumes for the actors they have to write a play for. They go stock up on coffee/Red Bull and write all night and come back at 10 AM on Saturday morning with six copies of their completed scripts ready to go. There they meet up with -

Kelly Barrett, Chris Bell, Nina Capone, Paul Falcetta, Randa Karambelas, Brooklyn Scalzo and Andy Travis

Who also show up at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 28th at the Beckmann theatre. They are then handed a script and given about 30 - 45 minutes to caucus with their writer. Then about 11:00AM, the writers go home to sleep and the directors meet up with their -

Donella Alanwick, Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Micah Chartrand, Catherine Corbett, Chris Cramer, Emily Evans, Erin Fehr, Alec Head, Graeme Humphrey, Ben Klier, Jeff Kroh, Andrew Lazaroff, Derrick Marshall, Elizabeth May, Michael McKeogh, Lauren Meley, Kate O'Phalen, Blaine Pennington, Annie Pesch, Cara Picone, Gillian Riley, Eddie Rodriguez, Alicia St. Louis, Dani Suder, Alexia Terrell, Adia Tucker, Steve Unwin, Jere Williams and Danny Wiseman

Who then go out into the city with their directors and casts to rehearse for a good five hours or so. Just enough time for the actors to be fully blocked and off book.

Then there are two shows - one at 7PM and one at 9:30PM that very evening. There is also an audience vote for fun awards like Hottest Cast and Best Use of Prop. Come be a part of the fun!