Cast Member Profile: SHUO ZHANG

Shuo Zhang  |  Actress

Shuo Zhang is back from her adventures and she's glad to return home (the stage, the script, the screen) where she is most happy. She hopes her forays into cancer-curing and empire-building would only result in a better portrayal of a soon-to-be college dropout. She thanks Little Hibiscus for giving her an opportunity to portray a white girl. Previously she played Ellen Feinstein in Kymm Zuckert's The Super Big Blow-Out Bash at Dionysus' Pad. Additionally, she thanks the cast and Karen for more fun than she's used to, and her acting teacher, Mr. Abeson.<...Continued


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Onward, Forward  | Open: 12/03/08 Close: 12/07/08 - Beckmann Theatre @ American Theater Of A
Onward, Forward is a comic look at the ongoing relationship between Joe, a disgruntled folk singer dying to rock out and his songwriter/manager, Ryan who searches for a cure to life in the offices of whichever doctor his insurance will allow. Their frustrating friendship is put to the test in suburbia where what starts as a typical gig leads to encounters with a sharp-witted single mother, a sorority girl looking for a way to entertain herself for the summer, and parents that seem harmless on the outside. As their musical pit stop gets extended, Joe and Ryan find themselves in a situation that threatens to make them lose who they are and who they want to be.
Wwss4: Four Your Shorts Only  | Open: 11/08/08 Close: 11/08/08 - Off Off Broadway Playhouse
Phare Play is at it again. Giving six writers a mere 12 hours to crank out a script. They don't get to pick their theme or even their actors. Heck, they're even forced to use a certain line. And then the directors and actors only get an afternoon to get fully blocked and offbook? Before they have to subject their work to audiences who not only are there to be amused but also to judge them in categories like "Hottest Cast" and "Best Use of Prop"?

Hell, yeah! And you know it's a ton of fun! One night only - two shows. You know you want to.