Cast Member Profile: JAMES HUNTER

James Hunter  |  Comedian
James Hunter has worked as a Principal Performer on American Gangster.He is also an aspiring comedian having performed at various comedy clubs around town. James is delighted to be working with the Diversity Players of Harlem.

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Production History

A Family's Play  | Open: 06/17/08 Close: 06/22/08 - Roy Arias Theatre 2
A Family's Play, which depicts a family structure reshaped by the affects of society. Deceits coupled with sharply contrasting personalities create the backdrop of this timeless piece. Follow the Delaney's as they embark on a heralding journey to seek the truth of family secrets, and realize that actions have cemented and will now... forever change their lives.
Die Laughing  | Open: 04/15/08 Close: 04/27/08 - Laugh Factory
Michael Laurence, a struggling but very talented misogynistic comedian, on the threshold of the biggest break of his career is forced to take a serious look at his life after being stricken with Breast Cancer. Depressed and facing his new reality, Michael finds himself contemplating suicide. Only a timely phone call from his daughter in his darkest hour stops him from ending it all and leads him to a period of soul searching. Blinded by his selfishness, self-pity and ego he comes to the conclusion that God is punishing him and has singled him out to be the butt of the cruelest joke of all, a man with Breast Cancer. So he begins a debate with God, it is within these arguments that the truth is unveiled. Now with the truth exposed, will Michael Laurence have time to redeem himself?
Love's Gonna Get Ya!  | Open: 07/28/10 Close: 08/01/10 - Roy Arias Theatre Center
Diversity Players of Harlem aka DPOH Entertainment and J’Nointed Entertainment join forces to bring you the inspirational stage play Love’s Gonna Get Ya! by James and Michele Woodson, with Music by Germono Toussaint and directed by Dwight Ali Williams. Performances will be at the Roy Arias Theatres for one week only, July 28 – August 1, 2010.

Love's Gonna Get Ya! is based on the true story of eight singles and their passionate search for true love. So focused on pursuing his career goal, Nate is too busy to stop and smell the roses. Heart broken from past relationships, Jasmine comes to realize that her search for true love will only happen when she learns to let go. With their timely meeting and subsequent love story as the backdrop, the crux of the play lies in the trials and tribulations of their six friends, each of whom have their own difficulties with relationships and love.

Cast: Iman Richardson, Robbie Darby, Claudia McLain, Michele Woodson, Steve Strickland, Gabriel Hamilton, Temesgen Tocruray, Armani Williams, Zuhairah McGill, Arissa Dorsey, Jasmine Taylor, James Hunter, Carl Payne and Shawn Luckey.

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