Cast Member Profile: ALEXANDER R. WARNER

Alexander R. Warner  |  Actor
Over the last decade, Alexander has worked on over 40 different shows with 9 different theater companies, made a couple of independent movies that no one will ever see, won three OOBR awards, and has drunk quite a lot of beer. Alexander is currently studying Meisner Technique with Suzanne Esper at Esper Studios.

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Chosen  | Open: 02/28/08 Close: 03/09/08 - Under St. Marks
What if Hillary talked to angels? Well, then she'd be Bernie.
Growing up average in looks and above average in brains in middle America, Bernie always knew she was meant for something. Then one day, an angel told her what it was. As she struggles to fulfill her God given destiny, Bernie goes on a journey which may sound very familiar. College radical. First Lady. Senator. President. And then? She's going to be the leader of the world, free or otherwise.
Because it's what God wants.

Chosen continues Dysfunctional Theatre's rich tradition of political & social satire (Hoover: A Love Story, Mr. Rogers' Y2K, Il Duce: The Rudy Giuliani Story). An irreverent take on the life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chosen careens through 50 years of history in less than 60 minutes. And there's music!