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Bill Bria  |  Actor

Bill Bria hails from Ann Arbor, MI and got his BA in the Visual and Performing Arts from Fairfield University in Connecticut. Bill also spent a semester studying in London at the British American Drama Academy. His most recent projects include Broadhollow Theater's production of The Woman In Black, Haberdasher Theatre's production of Arnold Schulman's Lost, and a handful of shows with sketch group American Candy. ...Continued


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A Wilde October: The Importance Of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband, Salomé  | Open: 10/01/10 Close: 10/31/10 - Producers Club Theatres
The Importance of Being Earnest: A Trivial Comedy for Serious People: Jack and Algernon are best friends, both of whom are wooing ladies who think their names are Ernest. Comic calamity ensues as the two get caught in a tangled web of mistaken lovers, assumed names, and a lost handbag.

An Ideal Husband: Sir Robert Chiltern is the epitome of success - both in his public life and in his private family life. However, an indiscretion committed as a younger man threatens to dismantle all that he has achieved when the sinister Mrs. Chevely attempts to blackmail him. Chiltern and his wife turn to an old friend, Lord Goring, for assistance. Can Goring help the couple extricate themslelves from their scandalous plight?

Salomé: Herod pledges to his step-daughter Salomé that he will give her half of his kingdom if she will dance for him at a banquet at his palace. This unfolds while John the Baptist is held captive in Herod's cistern, and after the prophet has rebuffed the advances of Salome. Only one thing will satiate Salomé's desire after she performs the Dance of the 7 Veils - something taboo that plunges the entire atmosphere of the Tetrach's domain into an aura of doom.

About the Company: CityShow

CityShow is a New York City-based entertainment production company whose mission it is to bring first-rate quality live entertainment to the multitude of intimate performance venues of the metropolitan area. CityShow endeavors to identify and nurture the finest talent - showcasing these performers in an array of classical and contemporary artistic material. CityShow’s commitment to excellence is manifest in all of its production endeavors, providing a “high-production value” experience to the audience at a very affordable cost.

 | Open: 03/29/10 Close: 03/31/10 - Manhattan Theatre Source
ArtEffects Theatre Company presents "Almost Olive Juice", seven short plays with Cupids, Monsters, Writers, Actors, Lovers and Cheaters all searching for love, well...almost

The show line-up:

Details - A writer's characters come to life.
Vessel - Friends with benefits come to a crossroads.
It Takes All Kinds - Speed dating can be a nightmare.
Mr. Late - Two women chat in a hotel lobby. They have more in common then you'd think...
The Breakroom - Cupid knows best...?
Listen - Not the average she said/he said.
Anniversary Special - Buy the Cow.

Adam of the Apes  | Open: 09/17/08 Close: 10/05/08 - Theater For The New City
The story of the Dawn of Man undergoes some comical revisions in "Adam of the Apes" when human twins are born into a community of chimpanzees. This farcical satire--which isn't for the kiddies--takes on topical debates such as Creationism, Evolution, and Women's Lib while the twins, Adam & Eve, grow up in a chimp society and actually introduce thinking into the previously "thought-less" rainforest.

Originally written at The Crucible for American Theater Workshop and making its Off-Off-Broadway debut at The Theater for the New City, "Adam of the Apes" is sure to leave audiences laughing in spite of themselves, with much to discuss and debate after the show.

Fragments  | Open: 07/13/08 Close: 07/20/08 - Matthew Corozine Studio
Fragments depicts six friends amidst their tumultuous senior year of college. Between Tiffany's 'loving' emasculation of any man nearby, Jay's rampant paranoia that the sexiest girl ever, Melissa, will make him her bitch, and Troy's maniac nightmares of his castrating fiancé, these roommates and the rest of the myriad ensemble throw together a slap dash party to inevitably fulfill their sad destinies through wildly mismatched love affairs, life-altering prank phone calls, and the perpetual misconnection between an ambitious TV journalist-to-be and the guy next door.

With a stellar cast (Blake Bradford, Bill Bria, Tanya Fazal, Alixandra Liiv, Kevin Michael Murphy*, and Holly Kay Roberts) directed by Christine Vinh, Fragments invites you to laugh at their misfortune, empathize if you've gone through it too recently, and reminisce on when you were so naïve and fondly wonder.... What the hell was I thinking?!

Onward, Forward  | Open: 12/03/08 Close: 12/07/08 - Beckmann Theatre @ American Theater Of A
Onward, Forward is a comic look at the ongoing relationship between Joe, a disgruntled folk singer dying to rock out and his songwriter/manager, Ryan who searches for a cure to life in the offices of whichever doctor his insurance will allow. Their frustrating friendship is put to the test in suburbia where what starts as a typical gig leads to encounters with a sharp-witted single mother, a sorority girl looking for a way to entertain herself for the summer, and parents that seem harmless on the outside. As their musical pit stop gets extended, Joe and Ryan find themselves in a situation that threatens to make them lose who they are and who they want to be.
Spring Shorts  | Open: 03/08/08 Close: 03/12/08 - Wings Theatre
Your god called. He/she commands that you attend Phare Play Productions' Spring Shorts. While avoiding the vengeful wrath of your god, take a look at how one's beliefs color a sphere of circumstances ranging from worship to drinking games, from runaways to the Home Shopping Network. You'll find that laugh-out-loud comedy, romance, and thought provoking pieces abound. This collection of one acts will leave you laughing, crying and maybe even provoke your core beliefs. Plus, you won't get struck down by lightning if you attend. Oh, and your god says to bring friends.

1) "The Super Big Blow-Out Bash at Dionysus' Pad"
Written and directed by Kymm Zuckert

Three gods at a party have a contest to try to get a new believer.

Starring: Nick Masson, Rachel McPhee, Zack Rothman-Hicks, Aref Syed, Michael Weems and Shuo Zhang.

2) "Sorted" by Roland Uruci
Directed by Patricia Drozda

A bickering couple gets more than they expected after a mysteriously enigmantic man hops in their backseat.

Starring: Abraham Adams, Gina Labozetta and Tim Kondrat.

3) "Drunk Reckonings" by Zack Rothman-Hicks
Directed by Susanne Gottesman-Traub

Four drunk college students get a new perspective on life when they hear a news report that aliens are taking over the planet.

Starring: Janice Amano, Mara Dratfield, Chelsea Holland and Miguel Rosales.

4) "Fifi, Effie and the Donut Lady" by Peggy Queener
Directed by Glenn English

In crisis, world-famous Fifi La Grange returns to New York after four months away to entreat help from her two best friends.

Starring: Beth Adler, Sally Connors, Peggy Queener, Zach Rothman-Hicks and Aref Syed.

5) "Taking Toll" by Kendall Rileigh
Directed by Cara Scarmack

A young runaway and her mother find salvation in an unlikely guardian.

Starring: Deborah Johnstone, Natalie Neckyfarow and George Remes.

6) "Burden Me" by Michael Weems
Directed by Aimee Todoroff

A despondent young man seeking answers at church encounters a well-meaning, but troubled groom and his bride-to-be, a painfully familiar face from his past.

Starring: Bill Bria, Nicholas Santasier and Nora Vetter.

Wwss4: Four Your Shorts Only  | Open: 11/08/08 Close: 11/08/08 - Off Off Broadway Playhouse
Phare Play is at it again. Giving six writers a mere 12 hours to crank out a script. They don't get to pick their theme or even their actors. Heck, they're even forced to use a certain line. And then the directors and actors only get an afternoon to get fully blocked and offbook? Before they have to subject their work to audiences who not only are there to be amused but also to judge them in categories like "Hottest Cast" and "Best Use of Prop"?

Hell, yeah! And you know it's a ton of fun! One night only - two shows. You know you want to.

Wwss5 - Phare Play's 21 Hour Play Festival  | Open: 03/28/09 Close: 03/28/09 - Beckmann Theater
Phare Play is back with its biannual short play festival.  21 hours to put together seven one acts for your viewing pleasure.  Here's how those 21 hours break down:

Bill Bria, Emily Ehlinger, Duncan Pflaster, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Oliver Thrun, Michael Weems and Spencer Wolf

Friday, March 27th: They meet at the Beckmann theatre in midtown at 10PM to get their themes, script guidelines and the headshots/resumes for the actors they have to write a play for. They go stock up on coffee/Red Bull and write all night and come back at 10 AM on Saturday morning with six copies of their completed scripts ready to go. There they meet up with -

Kelly Barrett, Chris Bell, Nina Capone, Paul Falcetta, Randa Karambelas, Brooklyn Scalzo and Andy Travis

Who also show up at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 28th at the Beckmann theatre. They are then handed a script and given about 30 - 45 minutes to caucus with their writer. Then about 11:00AM, the writers go home to sleep and the directors meet up with their -

Donella Alanwick, Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Micah Chartrand, Catherine Corbett, Chris Cramer, Emily Evans, Erin Fehr, Alec Head, Graeme Humphrey, Ben Klier, Jeff Kroh, Andrew Lazaroff, Derrick Marshall, Elizabeth May, Michael McKeogh, Lauren Meley, Kate O'Phalen, Blaine Pennington, Annie Pesch, Cara Picone, Gillian Riley, Eddie Rodriguez, Alicia St. Louis, Dani Suder, Alexia Terrell, Adia Tucker, Steve Unwin, Jere Williams and Danny Wiseman

Who then go out into the city with their directors and casts to rehearse for a good five hours or so. Just enough time for the actors to be fully blocked and off book.

Then there are two shows - one at 7PM and one at 9:30PM that very evening. There is also an audience vote for fun awards like Hottest Cast and Best Use of Prop. Come be a part of the fun!