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 Alden Burgess  |  Actor
Alden Burgess is a writer/director/actor whose work is inspired by his extensive study of past masters. While attending Rockport College's Professional Certificate program he directed, edited, and wrote a number of short films. He is currently working at Eastern Effects, a grip and electric rental house serving the greater New York area. His independent short film, Chance, is a Platinum Remi Winner at WorldFest-Houston and has been featured in over a dozen film festivals. He had his acting debut earlier last year in Tom Stoppard's Real Inspector Hound, which he followed up with a starring role in Peter Shaffer's The Public Eye. ...Continued

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At The Hand Of My Mother  | Open: 01/12/08 Close: 04/05/08 - Ward Studio
Set alternately in mid-19th and late-20th century Ireland, At The Hand of My Mother presents interwoven stories of the deaf community's ongoing struggle to communicate and exist on its own terms. Whether being forced to abandon the language of signing her mother taught her or fighting to liberate herself from the "signing-only" home from which she came, our young heroine finds herself at the mercy of those in the hearing world who claim to know what's best for her.

At The Hand of My Mother is the story of a child's desire to fit in, a mother's anguish at losing her daughter to the hearing world and an unsentimental portrait of mother-daughter commitment in the midst of this adversity.