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Matt Farabee  |  Actor
Matt Farabee (Scott) is a native of North Carolina and a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Some of Matt's favorite roles have included "The House of Yes" (Anthony), "Equus" (Alan Strang), "The Diviners" (Buddy Layman), and "Spring's Awakening" (Moritz). Matt most recently stage managed "Does the Body Good" and sound designed "Mary Brigit is Writing a Memoir" in the NYC Fringe Festival and was also a faculty member with the National High School Institute/Cherubs program this past summer....Continued

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Fat Kids on Fire  | Open: 01/26/08 Close: 02/06/08 - Wings Theatre
Back at home, 15 year old Bess is another angst-ridden teenager trying to fit in. But this summer, things are going to be different. Shirts come off, hearts are faint, first times are had, hands sweat, the sun burns. Campers and counselors alike are automatically drawn to the new skinny fat girl who's a definite shoe-in for the illustrious title of Camp Princess. Popularity, power, and self-worth get mixed up as Bess struggles to find her identity. Will she return to school a new woman or will her new self fade like the summer? Colored with sweat stains, stashed sweets, and the awkward innocence of first loves, award-winning playwright Bekah Brunstetter's "Fat Kids on Fire" is a candid telling of fitting in, living big, and feeling small.