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Patrick McGhee  |  Actor
Patrick McGhee (Marvin) has just returned from tour with the National Theatre for Arts and Education appearing in Short Story Masterpieces and is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2007) with a B.A. in Theater. Other performances including "Romeo and Juliet" (Romeo) with the Hudson Shakespeare Company, "Line" (Flemming), "Hedda Gabler" (Tesman), "Five Women Wearing the Same Dress" (Tripp), "Minor Demons" (Nicholas O'Brien), "Much Ado About Nothing" (Claudio), and "A New Brain" (Minister). "My hope, still, is to leave the world a better place than when I got here." ~ Jim Henson....Continued

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Dance at Bataan  | Open: 06/28/08 Close: 07/26/08 - Wings Theatre
While researching Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for her graduate thesis, Hannah Swindon comes across suspicious files regarding a WWII survivor of the Bataan Death March. Slowly becoming friends with Mr. Edwards, she becomes engrossed in the incredible story of three friends that created a "university" while POWs in order to survive brutal Japanese treatment. When Hannah finds out the incredible truth to Mr. Edwards' time at Bataan she is forced to decide whether to protect a friend or use his story to graduate.

Assistant Director: Brooklyn Scalzo
Stage Manager: Bridget Halloran
Assistant Stage Managers: Mary Brown, Taylor Fee
Lighting Design: Michael Megliola
Costume Design: Carrie Colden
Sound Design: Kymm Zuckert
Fight Choreography: Matt Klan

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Euripides' Medea  | Open: 08/21/07 Close: 08/26/07 - Producers Club Theatres
Mainspring Collective is proud to present a new conception of the original text of Euripides' Medea, conceived by Hilary Krishnan, a graduate of the celebrated Indiana University Theatre program, and co-produced by The Producer's Club.

Mainspring's Medea will have the flair of 1950's Americana, the chorus as a bunch of gossipy suburban housewives and Medea as the out-of-towner who doesn't quite fit in. "We will question family as the most valued institution and explore American ideals through the conventions of the play and its universal themes-- family, betrayal, jealousy and love," said Krishnan.

Hilary Krishnan, Jenna Weinberg, Hannah Smith, and Laine Bonstein formed Mainspring Collective in early 2007 in order to present work that spans a breadth of history, breathes fresh life into classical material and ignites the forward movement of the New York theatre community. Their premiere production is not one to be missed!

Winter Shorts  | Open: 12/02/07 Close: 12/05/07 - Wings Theatre
Phare Play Productions continues its second season with the "Winter Shorts A Night of Erotica", an evening of five original one-act plays designed to get you all hot and bothered on a cold winter's night. Interspersed with some particularly spicy fairy tales by the lascivious Lady Coco Lareau, it will definitely leave you wanting company at the end of the evening...

"Dinner for Four"
Written and directed by Roland Uruci

Two married couples get more than they expect when they plan a sexual wife swap.

"And Toto, Too"
by Richard Martin Hirsch
Directed by Karen M. Dabney

Some creative role playing in the bedroom leads to a serious examination of one couple's relationship.

"12 Step Conga Line"
by Bob Hayden
Directed by Christopher Simon

A flasher and a tease meet up at a 12-step program for people with fetish addictions, finding they may just be soul mates.

"Buck N Kandy"
by Joe Musso
Directed by Christine Vinh

Kandy puts her desires in Buck's face. Will he or won't he snatch it up?

"The Rules"
by Laura Black
Directed by David Pleva

A lonely housewife embarks on a phone sex game with a mysterious woman. When the relationship is threatened, the game escalates and both women learn that some rules shouldn't be broken.