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Kerri Ford  |  Actor
Kerri Ford has been performing since she was nine years old. Her dance skills, combined with her acting and vocal training, all compliment each other to make her a triple threat. While studying at NYU, Kerri found the joy in sharing all of this technique through teaching and decided to study both education and drama. She holds a BS in Educational Theatre, and is a certified NY State Theatre Educator (K-12). Her favorite performance credit's include Tina Thompson's Contmeporary Dance Fitness Visions (Tribecca PAC) , the musical 'Surf's Up' (Teaneck New Theatre), Barbie (Fairytopia), and 5X Wilder (Provincetown Playhouse). ...Continued

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Who Wears Short Shorts?  | Open: 11/03/07 Close: 11/03/07 - Independent Theater
Take 5 writers - give them 12 hours to write a 15 page script (with a couple of surprises thrown in for fun!). Thrn they hand off to five directors who will be joined by 20 actors who are then given a mere 6 hours to rehearse before putting the show onstage - one night, two shows only! Truly a night of fun as you get to see which cast can pull it off - with an audience vote for awards like Best looking cast and Best use of a prop!

And bonus: it's superhero themed!

The Brave Writers: Matt Klan, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Jennifer Spragg, Michael Weems and Kymm Zuckert

The Tenacious Directors: Kathryn Hnatio, Melissa Nocera, David Pleva, Chris Simon and Christine Vinh

The Glue Holding the Whole 21 Hours Together: Blake Bradford