Cast Member Profile: HOLMES LINDSAY IV

Holmes Lindsay IV  |  Actor
Holmes Lindsay IV (Words) has made his acting debut with Lyrical Arts in 2006. Since then he has been in numerous off off broadway shows. From his past experiences he hopes to put on a greater performance then before. He would like to thank Rashwan for asking him to come back.


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Production History

Lyrical Arts  | Open: 10/03/07 Close: 10/21/07 - American Theatre Of Actors
Strife's Way Productions presents...LYRICAL ARTS! An intense live action martial arts hip hop stage comedy! Featuring LIVE RAP BATTLES where the audience determines the winner!

STORY: Two best friends born and raised in the same city gifted with the art of the freestyle. They have the reputation as being the best lyricists throughout their city. One day, a representative from a major record label announced their First "Battle or Die" Freestyle Contest. The winner will receive a trophy, a cash prize and possibly a recording contract. One of the two friends is in favor to win. However, there are people out there who will do whatever it takes for the friends to be unable to compete even if it means murder.