Cast Member Profile: EMIL MEQUITA

Emil Mequita  |  Actor
Emil Mequita (Anti-Aftermath) is an aspiring actor from the Bronx. Despite all the negativity of pursuing an acting career, Emil decided to take a chance to pursue what he loves. His acting debut was as the leading role of Corey Carson in the feature film, "Detric's List".He recently booked the role of Marty in an internet series called, "Winners". He took classes are TVI Acting studio and is a current student at John Jay College majoring in Sociology. Emil hopes to have a long and prosperous acting career because he has the dedication and drive that not many people his age possess....Continued

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Learn Me My Need  | Open: 06/20/08 Close: 06/28/08 - Workshop Theater
"In a rough high school in New York City everyone needs something but no one seems to know where to get it. Teachers turn to students, students turn to teachers, and teachers turn to each other but someone is always left empty-handed."

Learn Me My Need delves into the world of high school and all its players. Ms. Klay is a 10 year veteran of teaching who has been assigned Chrys, a wide-eyed student teacher, as her charge. Ms. Klay seems to take a deep delight in cautioning Chrys at every turn not to get personally involved with students and maintain authority above all. Yet Klay seems to be developing a soft spot or rather, a fierce love and protection for one young firestorm of a student, Manny, contradicting her own advice to Chrys, time and time again. As Manny's wildness grows and threatens others, a tornadao of people are drawn in and the struggle to calm him rages. Will anyone find the simple center of his fire or will everyone simply burn?

Lyrical Arts  | Open: 10/03/07 Close: 10/21/07 - American Theatre Of Actors
Strife's Way Productions presents...LYRICAL ARTS! An intense live action martial arts hip hop stage comedy! Featuring LIVE RAP BATTLES where the audience determines the winner!

STORY: Two best friends born and raised in the same city gifted with the art of the freestyle. They have the reputation as being the best lyricists throughout their city. One day, a representative from a major record label announced their First "Battle or Die" Freestyle Contest. The winner will receive a trophy, a cash prize and possibly a recording contract. One of the two friends is in favor to win. However, there are people out there who will do whatever it takes for the friends to be unable to compete even if it means murder.

Noor Play Festival  | Open: 04/13/08 Close: 04/15/08 - Wings Theatre
The Noor Play Festival is a festival of short comedic & dramatic plays that deal with the Middle East. Its mission, as the name Noor (light) suggests, is to enlighten savvy theatergoers about the Middle East while entertaining them. Each play has at least one character that is Middle-Eastern. However, playwrights, actors, directors, technical crew- and above all, audiences- don't have to be Middle Eastern at all. Noor Festival themes embrace a wide geographical area including: Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan and all the Arab countries.