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John Prescod  |  Actor, Director, Author

OK, John is a junior at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, having finished a summer at Stonestreet's Film and TV workshop and two years at the Atlantic Acting School.

Recent acting credits: Pompey (Measure for Measure), Tom (The Intervention), The Steward (Cinderella), Greg (Sylvia), Hennessey (Biloxi Blues), King Philip (The Lion in Winter), Scuzzy (1-900 Desperate) and a smorgasboard of other theater and film. ...Continued


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Russian Roulette  | Open: 08/16/07 Close: 08/20/07 - Under St. Marks
In "Dangers of Tobacco," a man struggles to give a lecture thrust upon him by his overpowering wife, until her mental hold on him leads him to the point of mental breakdown in the middle of his presentation. "Reluctant Tragic Hero" follows a similar journey, as office life, a train, and mosquitoes turn an ordinary man into a near-homicidal monster, while "Marriage Proposal" pits romance against land disputes, disfigured dogs, and a heart murmur.