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Montgomery Sutton  |  Actor, Director

Montgomery Sutton* - NYC: The ‘Nightmare’ Dream (Bloody Shakespeare), King Lear (American Bard), Metropolitan Playhouse, Gallery Players, GTTP, EBE Ensemble, Rebellious Subjects, multiple years at FringeNYC. Regional: the world premieres of Gordon Dahlquist’s Tomorrow Come Today (Undermain Theatre), Booth (Second Thought Theatre), and On the Eve (Theatre Three); and at Casa Manana, Circle Theatre, Uptown Players, Watertower Theatre, Shakespeare Dallas, and Dallas Children’s Theater. ...Continued


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Richard the Third and Goal, or R3G  | Open: 02/18/15 Close: 02/28/15 - Under St. Mark's Theatre
Richard the Third and Goal, or R3G mashes iconic and polarizing NFL star Ray Lewis with the notorious King Richard III. Using Shakespeare's text and Lewis' words, R3G sifts the classic play through the wild pageantry of a football game in a sudden-death playoff between two men both revered and reviled.

In 2000, NFL star Ray Lewis was arrested in connection with a street brawl that ended in the stabbing death of two men. One year later, having pled guilty to obstruction of justice and after having served a brief prison sentence, Lewis led his team to football’s highest prize, the Super Bowl championship. In 2012 Lewis earned a second championship and retired following the season as a man loved by some, hated by others. R3G teases out Shakespeare’s play in the style of an American football game and places Richard’s treacherous rise to kingship within the landscape of American sports hero idolatry through the words of hero/villain Lewis. The comic play is a tribute to and an indictment of both men, using the pageantry of sports to find the parallels in their stories.

Russian Roulette  | Open: 08/16/07 Close: 08/20/07 - Under St. Marks
In "Dangers of Tobacco," a man struggles to give a lecture thrust upon him by his overpowering wife, until her mental hold on him leads him to the point of mental breakdown in the middle of his presentation. "Reluctant Tragic Hero" follows a similar journey, as office life, a train, and mosquitoes turn an ordinary man into a near-homicidal monster, while "Marriage Proposal" pits romance against land disputes, disfigured dogs, and a heart murmur.