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Lori Payne  |  Director
After receiving a Bachelor's Degree from the University of New Orleans, Payne worked as a freelance writer in New Orleans, choosing to tell stories where arts and activism intersect. Her stage plays reflect her training in both journalism and the arts, and an understanding of things that make us human....Continued

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Catherine Street  | Open: 08/01/07 Close: 08/04/07 - Manhattan Repertory Theatre
A chance meeting with a stranger on Catherine Street inspires action in Marcelle Bloomer, and she makes a crusade of burying abandoned newborns. But funerals cost money, even if the coffin is the size of a shoebox.

Marcelle's only daughter is the self-appointed custodian of the Bloomer name. Jade Bloomer-Gaines resents her mother's work with the newborns, especially when Marcelle begins to spend the family's money on the burials. Just as Jade predicts, the Bloomers fall into financial ruin. Meanwhile, Jade's new husband Leonardo Gaines gradually loses his grip on reality. Nevertheless, Marcelle continues to work as her own family unravels before her eyes.