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Jermaine Small  |  Actor
Jermaine Small is an Atlanta native and recent graduate from Howard University Theaters Department. Regionally, he has performed from Alaska to Washington, D.C. performing in a wide range of productions from Hair, TopDog/UnderDog, and Sweet Charity. He is co-founder and producer of the Show Offs, a comedy troupe. He currently works as a Teaching Artist for the City University of New York's Creative Arts Team....Continued

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A Family's Play  | Open: 06/17/08 Close: 06/22/08 - Roy Arias Theatre 2
A Family's Play, which depicts a family structure reshaped by the affects of society. Deceits coupled with sharply contrasting personalities create the backdrop of this timeless piece. Follow the Delaney's as they embark on a heralding journey to seek the truth of family secrets, and realize that actions have cemented and will now... forever change their lives.
The New To New York Actor's Showcase  | Open: 08/03/07 Close: 08/04/07 - Producers Club Theatres
Every day someone moves to New York City with the hopes of becoming a star. On August 3, 2007- August 4, 2007, Singularus Productions introduces you to 22 such hopefuls. They hail from various cities, states, countries and nations. Despite their varied backgrounds, they all share the same goal of becoming an acclaimed performer. They are all new to New York and anxious to perform in the first annual....New to New York Actor's Showcase. The Showcase will feature actors performing an eclectic mix of one-act plays, written by professionals (inlcuing Durang and others) as well as fresh, up-and-coming authors from New York City in styles ranging from Absurdist Theatre to Modern Comedy.

Come see the best of the new breed in "The New To New York Actor's Showcase."