Cast Member Profile: LIZZIE ANN SCHWARZ

Lizzie Ann Schwarz  |  Actress
Lizzie Ann Schwarz is so excited to be working with Phare Play once again! Last seen as Gwendolyn in the New York premiere of "Lubricant" (ETC Productions), her other NY credits include: "An Ideal Husband" (Foolish Mortals), "The Last Cloud" (ETC Productions), "An Ozark Mountain Christmas" (Love Creek), "Under a Cowboy Moon" and "Unwrap Your Candy" (Phare Play), and "Visions", an ongoing show dedicated to the healing power of theatre. Lizzie is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, where she studied with Joan Darling and has attended the Stella Adler Conservatory....Continued

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The Last Cloud  | Open: 06/20/07 Close: 07/01/07 - Roy Arias Theaters
Taking place over the course of a year, The Last Cloud follows five friends as they navigate life after college, in the awkward phase before they have the skills to "be" anything. Things go awry when Laura's younger brother moves in for the summer, showing everyone that there is more to life than office politics. Set against the metaphor of a Rubik's Cube, The Last Cloud is a coming of age story of how friends can get so intertwined that they lose their individuality.

With an amazing ensemble cast, The Last Cloud promises to be a rock-and-roll thrill ride for a generation that is just now considering growing up. Toss in a goulash of art, politics, and blatant 80's nostalgia and you have what reviewer Robert McDowell called, "The most engaging night of theatre I've experience in a long time. A true must-see!"

Who Wears Short Shorts?  | Open: 11/03/07 Close: 11/03/07 - Independent Theater
Take 5 writers - give them 12 hours to write a 15 page script (with a couple of surprises thrown in for fun!). Thrn they hand off to five directors who will be joined by 20 actors who are then given a mere 6 hours to rehearse before putting the show onstage - one night, two shows only! Truly a night of fun as you get to see which cast can pull it off - with an audience vote for awards like Best looking cast and Best use of a prop!

And bonus: it's superhero themed!

The Brave Writers: Matt Klan, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Jennifer Spragg, Michael Weems and Kymm Zuckert

The Tenacious Directors: Kathryn Hnatio, Melissa Nocera, David Pleva, Chris Simon and Christine Vinh

The Glue Holding the Whole 21 Hours Together: Blake Bradford