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Ian Eaton  |  Actor
Ian credits his enrichment in the arts beginning at Harlem School of the Arts, studying voice, violin, and acting as a youngster. He continued studying acting at LaGuardia High School (Fame High), and graduated with a BFA in Acting from City College. He has appeared on television, independent films, and theatrical productions ranging from All God's Chillun Got Wings to Dream Girls and has had the privilege of performing national tours throughout the east coast. Some of his favorite roles include Esteban in Day of the Kings, Agamemnon in Iphigenia in Aulis, and Young Glynn on HBO's Oz. ...Continued

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THE SESSIONS by Nisha Beech  | Open: 06/06/07 Close: 06/10/07 - Independent Theater
What's going on in your bedroom?!

A collective of four one-act plays, "THE SESSIONS" explores how sex can be used to avoid the real issues in a relationship and can sometimes be the catalyst for change.

The plays introduce us to four couples: a young married couple who decides to spice up their sex life by engaging in a threesome, a 'down-low' gay couple whose relationship comes to a head when one of them is ready for a change, a couple casually dating who are forced to deal with issues of body image and societal pressures, and finally, a middle-aged married couple venture into uncharted territory when an S&M adventure goes awry.

All ‘sessions' begin near the end of a sex act. The dialogue that follows gets to the root of what's really going on in each relationship. Witness four couples discover what happens when the sex ends and the conversation begins.