Cast Member Profile: WALT FRASIER

Walt Frasier  |  Actor, Comedian, Producer

Walter is the co-founder of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH! Recent credits include multiple cameo appearances on the Late Show (CBS/ Letterman aka "Lance Armstrong"), Nickelodeon's new smash hit tv show "The Naked Brothers Band" (Monkey Buttz Comedy Club Host) MTV2's "Stankervision"(featured sketch comedy segment), Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" and several national commercials. Walter has also been featured multiple times on the WE Network's hit show "Hair Trauma" for his expertise in leadership and teambuilding. Walt is very excited to now be performing Off-Broadway in LMAO. ...Continued


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Eight Is Never Enough!  | Open: 11/05/06 Close: 11/22/06 - Joe Franklins' Comedy Club
Now in it's 5th year, this troupe of high-energy performers incorporate interactive Improv and Musical Comedy on the spot based on audience suggestions. Saturdays at 3pm are designed for families (PG) All shows hosted by Walt Frasier (Letterman, Naked Brothers Band, MTV, WE, Off Bway, National and touring theater)
L M A O Off-broadway  | Open: 11/27/09 Close: 12/12/09 - Midtown Theatre at HA
LMAO is an interactive show that delivers high-energy non-stop hilarity as it navigates todays hot topics. Experienced stage artists, leaving no stone unturned, make the shows ridiculously hilarious for ALL ages. Now, what the audience will actually get to see can’t be told now because the subject matter changes every day. The improvised skits and musicals, based on today’s burning issues, are completely unique and can range from totally silly to witty humor. No politician, author or celebrity would be able to escape the notoriety of the performers who are known to provoke uncontrollable laughter from the audience. Recent shows have included spoofs- of Dexter, ICarly, Family Guy, Glee, Twilight, Jersey Shore, Harry Potter, LOST and a lot more. Music combined with humor can be a deadly combination so enter at your own risk.

Teaspoon Festival 2007  | Open: 03/22/07 Close: 03/25/07 - Producers Club Theatres
Step into a coffee house as soon as you enter the Theatre. The stage and house alike are set up to feel like an upscale coffee house. Accoustic music is played live by a featured artist to welcome the audience into their seats with the smell of coffee in the air. Get comfy for an evening of 9 short plays from playwrights all across the US. If you like the pre-show artist's music you'll be able to buy a cd at intermission. There is some drama, some comedy, and even a touch of the surreal as the Two Spoons Theatre Company presents an evening of Coffee, Tea and Theatre.

GET THERE EARLY and find out what it means to be a spoon from the musical stylings of Amy Fix (creator of the metaphor behind our company). Thursday and Saturday Night shows Only.