Cast Member Profile: AMY ALBERT

 Amy Albert  |  Actress
Amy is thrilled to join the cast of "Now That You've Seen Me Naked!" Some of her favorite roles include, Woman One, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, and Grace in Annie. She's also an original member of the National Comedy Theater of New York, and is a regular at The Comic Strip. She would like to thank her amazing family and wonderful friends for always being so supportive, and of course, to all those that at one time or another, have seen her naked....Continued

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National Comedy Theatre  | Open: 04/01/05 Close: 04/16/05 - National Comedy Theatre
Similar in style to "Whose Line Is It Anyway", National Comedy Theatre is the Off-Bway, high octane improv comedy hit show all based on suggestions from the audience. Each show is different, with different games, different players and different audiences supplying new suggestions.

As a twist, NCT plays its improvisational comedy played just like a competitive sport. Two uniformed teams go head-to-head on stage in a battle for laughs. A referee oversees the action and calls "fouls" such as the "groaner" (if a person tells a pun that makes the audience groan) and the dreaded "brown bag foul," called if a player says anything not suitable for a family audience, in which case a brown paper bag is placed over the offenders' head.

"Rapidly becoming an addiction for New Yorkers...a sure fire crowd pleaser", quotes a recent review from New York theatre Buying Guide.

Now That You've Seen Me Naked  | Open: 02/13/07 Close: 04/07/07 - Sage Theater
Sage Theater presents "NOW THAT YOU'VE SEEN ME NAKED," a sketch & musical comedy in 16 acts that uncovers the humor in the differences between men and women and how they deal with lust, love, sex, and communicating with each other. What would happen if you brought a therapist along on your first date to point out potential problems? What happens to the fairytale when Snow White and Prince Charming actually get to know each other? What if you could actually hear what your significant other was thinking? Whether you're in or out of a relationship, this will be the most fun 90 minutes you've had with your clothes on!