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 George Demas  |  Actor, Director
Axis: Levittown (director), Not Yet Diagnosed (Nervous) 1918, Hospital 2004-06, Julius Caesar, Seven in One Blow. Other NY Theater: Orson's Shadow (Barrow Street Theater), Maverick (The Culture Project), Henry VI (Theater for a New Audience), The Escape Artist (Tribeca Lab), The Preservation Society (Circle Rep Lab), Quick, Bright Things (HERE) and The Master of Monstrosities (LaMaMa, E.T.C.), Big Wyoming (New York Stage and Film). TV: Law & Order. Film: Henry May Long (Randall Sharp director), The Jimmy Show (2002 Sundance Film Festival w/Frank Whaley, Ethan Hawke) and Escape Artists (w/Josh Hamilton, Peter Dinklage and Anna Thompson)....Continued

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Seven in One Blow, or The Brave Little Kid  | Open: 12/01/06 Close: 12/17/06 - Axis Theatre
Axis Company presents its fifth anniversary production of SEVEN IN ONE BLOW, OR THE BRAVE LITTLE KID beginning December 1st. Adapted from the classic fairy tale by The Brothers Grimm, this interactive play with music is conceived by Axis Company and directed by Randy Sharp featuring Axis' signature blend of advanced technology and live performance.

Set just before the holidays, SEVEN IN ONE BLOW, OR THE BRAVE LITTLE KID tells the story of a child living in the city who kills seven flies with a single swat and makes a belt emblazoned with "SEVEN IN ONE BLOW" to commemorate the event. The Kid travels about meeting numerous colorful characters including the Scarlet Pimpernel, a Pea, December, a Witch, an Ogre and a Princess. Most people think this belt refers to seven people and assign the Kid all kinds of difficult tasks based on this faulty presumption. Along the way a few invaluable lessons are learned: an Ogre finds that you don't always have to show how strong you are to be strong; a girl realizes that when you tease someone you may be hurting a person who is just like you; and a scary monster understands that because she is loved, she may not be so scary after all. In the end, after a surprise twist, the Kid ultimately discovers that a parent's love and care has no limits.