Shevy Berkovits Gutierrez  |  Actor, Comedian

I started my professional career as a customer wire clerk on the floor of the American Stock Exchange taking execution orders from clients phoning in. Steadily growing through the ranks, I became a Market Maker helping to create an auction market for brokers representing customer orders. Eventually, I was promoted to a Floor Broker representing the customer directly within the screaming and volatile trading pits.


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The Funny Farm Comedy Series  | Open: 07/15/06 Close: 07/15/06 - Producers Club Theatres
DBC Production is hosting a Free comedy Show at the Sonnet Theatre at the Producer's Club. The Show is a FREE Comedy show open to all fans of standup comedy. Scheduled to Appear will be your Host Eudi Paz & Featuring the standup performances of Shevy Berk, Robert Driemeyer, Joe Pontillo, Eliza Santos And Introducing Saran Beaumont. You can call or email us to RSVP your seating. Seats are limited. The Phone number is (347)830-4856 ext. 000 or email us at You can also visit our website at We look forward to seeing you there. Come out and get a good laugh and meet the comics.