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King Talent  |  Actor, Comedian, Director, Producer, Artistic Director
... has had one of the most non-traditional careers a performer could possibly have. He spent the first several years of his career living out of a beat up 1988 Nissan Sentra while travelling the United States staging everything from improvisational comedy shows to Shakespeare. His introduction to comedy came in the early '90s as a performer and emcee with Naked Comedy in Las Vegas. Later he would form his own theatrical company and continue to stage plays throughout the Southwest while also writing and directing TV commercials for McAlister Television. ...Continued

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The Broken Jump  | Open: 08/17/07 Close: 08/26/07 - Looking Glass Theatre
"Julius McGowen is a small-time vaudeville comic who has spent twenty years pursuing his dream of making the big-time and playing the Palace. He arrives in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the end of a broken jump (a "split week," as it were) not to find a stepping stone to success, but rather that a child performer has taken his headlining slot, a long lost love struggling to be re-ignited, a politician trying to make a name for himself by any means necessary and an epidemic outbreak of the Spanish influenza. Shaken to his core by these events, he must decide whether it's better to dream a dream he's always had or to live one he never knew existed."
Weasel Erotica  | Open: 08/04/06 Close: 08/27/06 - Looking Glass Theatre
The zoo is in danger from a land developer keen to turn the property into a casino and racetrack. What they need is a star attraction to bring in the audiences and increase funding. Enter wealthy widow Ms. Rittenrotten with a keen idea ... bring in the most rare animal in the world, the Brazilian Trouser Weasel. Surely the increased revenue will save the zoo! The only problem, who will care for and feed these exotic animals? Who will display them & perform twice daily shows to pack the house? Who, you ask? The only real weasel expert in the world. The Weasel Hunter! Professor Henri Wagstaff! But can even Professor Wagstaff outsmart a smarmy land developer and the Monster-From-Under-Your-Bed? The Talented Talent Brothers return with an army of singing and dancing weasels in this madcap farce.