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Cara Maltz  |  Actress
Cara Maltz received her Bachelor of Arts in Drama from University of California at Irvine in 2005, and since then has been living in NYC. She has appeared in many off-off B'way shows, including Later Life (Amateur Comedy Club), The (Irish) Wake (ATA Beckmann Theatre), Shakespeare in Concert (ATA Shubert Theatre), Ah, Wilderness! (The Heights Players), and Stage Play (78th St. Theatre Lab). She is delighted to be working now in ATA's Outdoor Theatre, and looks forward to seeing many beautiful sunsets throughout the course of this production....Continued

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Measure for Measure  | Open: 06/07/06 Close: 06/24/06 - American Theatre Of Actors
For its twenty-sixth Shakespeare production, American Theatre of Actors presents in its Outdoor Theater "Measure for Measure," Shakespeare's comedy about the law, in which a judge falls in love with the sister of a man he has sentenced to die and apparently finds himself guilty of the same offense as the condemed brother. The scene between brother and sister is "one of the dramatic pinnacles of Shakespeare" (Goddard). Directed by James Jennings.

Michael Henry Harris, The Duke; David Demato, Angelo, the Deputy; Lauren Waisbren, Isabella, sister to Claudio; Chad Mills, Claudio, a young gentleman; Gregory O'Conner, Lucio, a worldly gentleman; Dustin Smallheer, Pompey, tapster to Mistress Overdone; Erin Maya Darke, Mistress Overdone/Francisca, the Nun; Kevin C. Woods, Elbow, the Constable; Charles Baker, Escalus, an ancient Lord; Christopher Thornton, Provost; Paul Hansen, Justice/Executioner/Friar Thomas and Friar Peter; Brett Fleischer, Froth, a gentleman /Barnadine, a prisoner; Cara Maltz, Mariana, betrothed to Angelo; Katherine Poklema, Juliet, beloved of Claudio/Gentleman; Marie Darden, Gentleman