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Josh Silverman  |  Actor
Josh Silverman has worked with Pig Iron Theatre Company, the Walnut St. Theatre, Azuka Theatre Collective, Act II Playhouse and Brat Productions. He has a BA from Temple University. Josh very recently moved from Philadelphia to New York, and he's happy for this opportunity. Spring's Awakening is Josh's New York debut.

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Spring's Awakening  | Open: 03/09/06 Close: 04/02/06 - Looking Glass Theatre
** Adapted by Kenneth Nowell; featuring director Charmian Creagle **

Depicting the onset of puberty as violent and chaotic, Spring's Awakening is no after-school special. Reptilian impulses erupt in children terrorized by adults sunk deep in neurotic denial. One boy has suicidal tendencies as he struggles with his shock over discovering the facts of sex and the possibility of flunking. Another expresses his awakening libido in cool sadism. Masochism appears in a young girl whose mother insists that a stork delivers babies.

The staging of this production contrasts two worlds, an adolescent world depicted by the live actors and a disembodied adult world looming above on screen.

Written at the turn of the twentieth century, Frank Wedekind's play unfolds in an absurdist atmosphere that foreshadowed Brecht and Beckett. This story of the uncomfortable nature of sexuality blooming during the teen years remains relevant still today. The play renders the devastating neglect adolescents experience when family bonds erode while puritanical elements in society grow stronger.