Cast Member Profile: CARLO FIORLETTA

Carlo Fiorletta  |  Actor, Director

Carlo Fiorletta directed Mara Lesemann’s Fertility Factor at the Producers Club and

Acts of Contrition at the Houseman Studio.

He wrote and directed two award-winning short movies:  Nipple Nazis and Calamity 666.


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Production History

A Tomato Can't Grow In The Bronx  | Open: 09/22/10 Close: 09/26/10 - Producers Club Theatres
A Tomato Can’t Grow in the Bronx is about a dysfunctional blue-collar Jewish family languishing under the thumb of a patriarch, who employs emotional tyranny over his fragile middle-aged daughter to keep them in line. Her dreamy-eyed husband dares to assert himself by buying a home in the suburbs. His unlikely ally is his teenage son, who dares challenge his grandfather in an ultimate generational battle of wits and will.