Cast Member Profile: SHAWN RENFRO

Shawn Renfro  |  Actor, Director

Shawn Renfro  graduated in May of 2004 from the acting conservatory (MGSA) at Rutgers University. While in the program there Shawn had the privilege of studying at The Globe Theatre in London. Since then he has acted and directed numerous projects in NYC. Including Crazy, Sexy, Dead: An Evening of Don Nigro (Apothecary Theatre Co.), Animals (NY Fringe Festival), Dominica: The Big Fat Ho, Scarecrow, Closer, Crackwalker, Suspension, Quick and Dirty (A Subway Fantasy), Red Coat, Black Bird (Rutgers Theatre Co.), Specter, The Lion Tamer (Under St. ...Continued


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Production History

Black Ops And End Time Policy  | Open: 07/16/09 Close: 07/26/09 - Dominion NY
A female Psychiatrist is assigned to inventory and evaluate patients of a private mental institution being taken over by the State of Virginia in the midst of a fraud and patient abuse scandal. One of the patients is a mystery man with no records. She finds him delusional and disoriented and as she attempts to get him to reveal his identity she begins to suspect that he may be a casualty of a military psychic-ops program gone wrong.

Macbeth  | Open: 09/10/05 Close: 10/02/05 - OfficeOps
Murder and mayhem, barbed wire and bedlam, Macbeth meets the metaphysical amidst post-apocalyptic waste. The classic Shakespearean tragedy set in future Scotland, after the plague. The countryside has been ravaged and its people still bear the wounds of the recent wars. A cast of eighteen conveys the contemporary concept of this play while delivering dialogue true to the original work.