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Sir Galahad (bj)  |  Actor
"I likeneth my duties to the young squire, clad in battle regaling attire, as he holdeth the sword for his master, brave Lancelot. Ride forth with price gun ineth hand, nostrils full of steam, burning in thy eyes, and fire rife in thy heart!"


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Anathemaville  | Open: 08/31/05 Close: 09/18/05 - Gene Frankel Theatre
Monopoly is Peace. All-in-one Shopping is Freedom. Synergy is Low Prices. Obedience is power.
A far cry from Thornton Wilder's picturesque Grover's Corners in the play "Our Town," ANATHEMAVILLE has been slowly taken over by Über-Mart, the ever expanding pinnacle of all-in-one shopping! Ten poverty-level (and certifiably insane) employees dream the new-and-improved American Dream, relying on lies, religion, and drugs to get by. As they march to the grinding requiem of life in retail, a mysterious woman prompts our unlikely candidate for a hero (David from Über Toys) to step out of formation and launch a full scale battle to reclaim the town's identity from The Über Corporation. Shocking betrayals and unexpected friendships are made as employees must suddenly decide between keeping their jobs or joining the charge against the Über juggernaut. What will be the fate of ANATHEMAVILLE, USA? Find out, in this epic comedy that is a must-have commodity!!