Cast Member Profile: BOBBY HOLDER

Bobby Holder  |  Actor, Artistic Director
Bobby is the Founder and the Artistic Director of The Actor's Project NYC. He has written, directed, performed, and produced several original theatrical productions in NYC: 3-D Improv NYC, What's a Vampire (a black comedy at Grove St. Playhouse), and LMNOP (an original two-character play). Bobby has had eight original plays produced: Screams of the Butterflies, Understand Me, Scandal in NYC, The Imagination Window, Mother-Son-Daughter-Neighbor-Neighbor's Son-Maid-And the Telephone Man, My Big Brother, Confused in Florida, Storm in Alabama. Bobby graduated with a B.A....Continued

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Production History

Journey to Manhattan Part One and Two  | Open: 01/30/06 Close: 01/31/06 - Shetler Studios
Monday January 30th at 8pm.
Journey to Manhattan Part One- A Theatrical Evening will be held at Shetler Theatre 54. Part One is a tread through the nerve-racking Manhattan Acting Experience with a cast chock-full of skillful, able performers- each with a passion for theatre, each with an artistic drive that allows them to endeavor as New York Actors. An evening of polished monologues, diverse scenes, smooth dancing, and moving music.

Tuesday January 31st at 7pm.
Journey to Manhattan Part Two- A Night at the Cabaret will be held across the street at Dillon's Cabaret Theatre. Part Two is a dash and a stagger through the comedic chaos of actors struggling to perform on any stage they can! The music flows, the scripts are all over the place, the glamour is present, and yet never quite there- this cabaret is alive with gifted, comedic professionals.

Theatrical Showcase held at Shetler Theatre 54, 244 West 54th Street, on the 12th Floor.
Cabaret Showcase held at Dillon's Restaurant and Lounge, 245 West 54th Street.