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Zina Anaplioti  |  Actor

Zina Anaplioti-Wilde is happy to be back at Theater for the New City. She was last seen here as the Rumanian Gypsy in Barbara Kahn's Walking from Rumania. She has worked extensively with the International WOW Company and Academy Award nominee Josh Fox. She has worked at the Ohio Theater, PS 122, The Wild Project, Clemente Soto Valez and others. Regionally she has worked at the Georgestreet Playhouse in NJ where she portrayed Jack Klugman's granddaughter. Zina has also appeared at the Edinburg and Dublin Fringe Festival. ...Continued


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Blood and Honey  | Open: 06/23/05 Close: 07/03/05 - Arclight Theatre
BLOOD and HONEY is a visceral work of image-driven theatre that illuminates women's experiences across cultural lines. Integrating movement, text, and music it takes us on a compelling journey of intimate relationships in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances. The actors play multiple characters in a series of vignettes magnifying the consequences of imposed social roles and taboos. BLOOD and HONEY articulates the longings of generations past and present, and with humor and tenderness reveals our human (mis)behavior
Unreachable Eden  | Open: 02/09/12 Close: 02/26/12 - Theater For The New City

Unreachable Eden tells the story of Polish Jewish lesbian Eve Adams (born Chava Zloczower) who ran a tearoom on Macdougal Street in 1926, which catered to artists, writers and actors, both male and female. She was deported from the U.S. as an “undesirable alien” and spent the 1930’s in Paris, selling banned books to English-speaking tourists. Eve and her friends Henry and June Miller and Anais Nin enjoyed both café and nightlife in France, while in Germany the Nazi government was banning and burning books and implementing its war against Jews, homosexuals and others deemed “undesirable.”  These parallel worlds collided during World War II, once again putting Eve in triple jeopardy as a Jew, a lesbian and an immigrant. Composer Arthur Abrams has mined the rich musical influences of 1930’s Europe to write a score that ranges from the popular tango to waltz to ethnic melodies.


Unreachable Eden is based on Eve Adams’ deportation file from the U.S. government as well as correspondence and photographs courtesy of her relatives.


“…if I wanted to write my experiences of my wanderings and people and adventures, which still continue with every blessed day, it would take me years to write and I could fill volumes…”    Eve Adams. 1934.          


Eve’s first deportation in 1927 led ultimately to her second deportation, this time from France to Auschwitz in her native Poland. This courageous woman deserves to be rescued from forgotten history.

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