Cast Member Profile: TOM RIDGELY

Tom Ridgely  |  Actor, Artistic Director
Tom Ridgely (actor/writer/director) is a Waterwell co-founder and has directed The Maker of Dreams, Life In Pink and part I of Sweetness & Light for the company . He has been a puppeteer with Those Funny Little People in Chicago, IL; danced in the International Dance Festival, CalArts Dances Downtown and with SYREN Modern Dance in NYC; and is currently a member of the Peoples Improv Theater house team, Big Black Car. Also for Waterwell: Choo! Choo! (actor/writer), In On It (actor), Lost in Yemen; or the Bizarre Bazaar (actor/writer), Fuenteovejuna (actor/writer), and Stuck (actor/writer). ...Continued

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The Persians...a comedy about war with five songs  | Open: 05/26/05 Close: 06/18/05 - Under St. Marks
The Persians were the most powerful empire the world had ever seen.
The Persians' army was the biggest war machine ever assembled.
The Persians marched off to destroy their most hated enemies.
The Persians lost the war and the world.

The revolution is about to begin...let us entertain you!