Cast Member Profile: ALI BAYNES

Ali Baynes  |  Actress
Ali Baynes, a Long Island native, was bitten by the show biz bug at the ripe old age of 6 while on summer vacation at the Poconos' Mount Airy Lodge's highly acclaimed "Gong Show" competition where Ali, donned in a red tutu and fireman's cap, danced her heart out to The Manhattan Transfer's "Twillight Zone". After wowing the judges and amazing the predominantly intoxicated audience, she looked around at the paneled walls of the "Rec Room" and KNEW that performing was for her. Ever since that distinct moment in Ali's impressionable life she wasn't able to get showbiz out of her blood... or fingernails. This is Ali's 5th production with CAL. ...Continued

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Hay Fever  | Open: 03/15/05 Close: 03/20/05 - Producers Club Theatres
Noel Coward's 1925 comedy set in 1975. The self-obsessed Bliss family of four each invites a guest for the weekend. After only a few hours, the games begin and the guests are left to fend for themselves.
Outdoing The Jones's  | Open: 04/07/05 Close: 04/30/05 - Creative Artists Laboratory
Creative Artists Laboratory opens its ninth season with the world premier of "Outdoing the Jones's". Written by Artistic Director Tanya Klein, "Outdoing the Jones's" continues CAL's tradition of tackling current hot-button subjects. In this case, the rise of little Nietzsche's at the mall. A marriage spirals out of control as the couple battles mounting debt, forcing them to choose between their children and their possessions.

"Outdoing the Jones's depicts a world in which achievement is measured by the largeness of your house, happiness by the size of your bank account, and success by the amount of possessions you own. In other words, our very own world," said Ms. Klein. "This play takes on the choices we have made as a society through the prism of the choices made by the prototypical suburban couple. Sandra and John are caught up in the rat race of acquiring the newest must-have items. When John loses his job, he forces Sandra to choose between their house and their unborn child."