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Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) announces the 2020 TRU Voices New Plays Reading Series, which will take place in June 2020. Submission deadline: January 31, 2020. (One-week extension for TRU members and plays with a producer attached.)


TRU will pay for a developmental reading of your new play! Created to nurture producers as well as writers, TRU VOICES seeks producer-driven projects, and also matches writers with producers; as the only non-profit dedicated to developing producers TRU connects all finalists with both an experienced producer and a "rising through the ranks" associate producer. Making this an even more unique opportunity for writers, each reading is followed by a "Dollars and Sense" panel discussion with prominent New York producers, general managers and artistic directors focusing on potential venues, marketing, budgeting and a developmental trajectory for the work. TRU literary manager Cate Cammarata adds, "Since we guarantee three industry professional readers for every submission, often one of our readers will express interest in meeting a writer, even if their script isn't a finalist."


Producers are invited to submit new work that they are interested in developing. Theater companies are invited to submit new work that they wish to produce in the series. Writers are invited to submit, and are strongly encouraged to find a sponsoring producer for their work, using this as an opportunity to form a relationship with a potential producer, for the TRU series and perhaps for the future. If necessary, TRU will assist in finding an appropriate sponsoring producer.


In the past the series was partially funded by government grants. Due to a loss of funding last year, TRU had previously announced that the series would be on hiatus for 2020. That has changed, according to TRU executive director Bob Ost: "We found the funding! After initial doubts about the resources to proceed with our 21st Annual TRU Voices New Plays Reading Series, a cash appeal for TRU Voices support at our December benefit was so successful that we are able to plan a series in June after all! Thank you TRU Family - the show goes on!"


Cammarata notes: "I am so happy that we will move forward with the series. I have heard others boast of their intention to help thousands of plays get produced - we've actually been supporting new work for over 20 years. TRU is recognized as being one of the leaders in early development. I'm proud of TRU and am thrilled that it has been recognized by the community as worthy of these donations."


Guidelines can be found online here: Applications and a detailed history of plays that have participated in the series can be found here: Application submissions are $25 with a $10 feedback letter upon request. Join TRU and submit as a member, no additional fee (except for feedback, if you request it). Playwright discounted membership: $75 (regularly $95).


Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) is the leading network for developing theater professionals, a twenty-seven-year-old 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to help producers produce, emerging theater companies to emerge healthily and all theater professionals to understand and navigate the business of the arts. Membership includes self-producing artists as well as career producers and theater companies.


TRU publishes an email community newsletter of services, goods and productions; offers a Producer Development & Mentorship Program taught by prominent producers and general managers in New York theater and also presents Producer Boot Camp workshops to help aspirants develop business skills. TRU serves writers through a Writer-Producer Speed Date, a Practical Playwriting Workshop, How to Write a Musical That Works and a Director-Writer Communications Lab; programs for actors include the Annual Combined Audition.


Programs of Theater Resources Unlimited are supported in part by public funds awarded through the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, as well as the Montage Foundation and the Leibowitz Greenway Foundation.


For more information about TRU membership and programs, visit


Open:   01/31/20
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Submission Deadline: January 31, 2020:
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