Based on the true-life events of Canada's national artist Emily Carr, our story follows young Ms. Carr as she ventures deep into the thick forests of British Columbia, landing amongst the indigenous Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, in hopes of burying a traumatic family secret. It was in this home away from home that Carr developed as an artist and created the pieces that would eventually make her the celebrated figure she is today. This coming of age story explores themes of roots, self-discovery, and ultimately begs the question, "What is the line between artistic cultural inspiration, and artistic cultural appropriation?"

Set in a two-story penthouse in the heart of the meatpacking district, "Among the Cedars" will guide audiences through a theatrical exhibition of Emily Carr's work, initiating an immersive retelling of her story. Despite Ms. Carr's accolades and revere in her native country of Canada, she is a mostly unknown artist in the United States. This play aims to change that. As our museum "curator" guides audiences through the exhibition, she transplants them into the heart of Emily Carr's world, demonstrating, in real time, how the fascinating circumstances of Carr's life inspired her work.


Open:   09/27/19
Close:   10/21/19

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09/27/19- 7:30:00
09/28/19- 7:30:00
09/29/19- 7:30:00
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10/04/19- 7:30:00
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10/14/19- 7:30:00
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10/19/19- 7:30:00
10/20/19- 7:30:00
10/21/19- 7:30:00

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