Genre: Drama
Written by Jean-Paul Alegre, Directed by Valérie Thomas-Collignon

This play tells the true story of Blanche and Théophile Maupas, both teachers in a small village in Normandy. Théo was mobilized in August 1914. Two months later he was sent to the Champagne Front. In March 1915, after several days of extremely intense fighting, the men were exhausted and demoralized. They refused to respond to a new order to attack. To reestablish discipline, General Réveilhac ordered a military tribunal to be held. Chosen at random, four corporals, including Théophile Maupas, were condemned to death and executed the next day.
Blanche did not find out the news until nine days later. Then began for her a battle that would last nearly twenty years, that of clearing Théo’s name and the names of his three comrades.


Director: Valérie Thomas-Collignon
With: Amandine Castillo, Pierre-Olivier Ariston, Ines Muñoz, Christian Fitsch-Mouras, Laurence Sebeyran, Vitalie Morrison, Mimi Betel, Emilia Ariston, Josselin Legeay, Aaron D'Souza, Eric Bollaert, Yves Cloots.

In French with English surtitles.

March 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd 2019 at 8:00PM
at Talento Bilingüe de Houston
333 S. Jensen Drive, Houston, TX 77003

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Open:   03/15/19
Close:   03/23/19

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Houston, TX 77003
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