Genre: Classical, Comedy
Written by Shakespeare, Directed by Lynnea Benson

Frog & Peach Theatre Company presents their streamlined take on Shakespeare’s celebrated comedy, TWELFTH NIGHT. Now in their 20th year, Frog & Peach creates fast-paced and entertaining productions of Shakespeare's plays that appeal to all audiences, with a special outreach to those who may feel shut out or priced out of the cultural conversation. Set in the seaside kingdom of Illyria, this startlingly modern romp is replete with fiendish pranks, public brawls, and an original rocking score by the band Honey West’s Ted Zurkowski. The production will play a limited engagement from Friday, February 22nd through Sunday, March 17th at The Sheen Center (18 Bleecker Street in NYC).

TWELFTH NIGHT, centered on twins Viola and Sebastian separated by shipwreck, has easily maintained its relevance for over 400 years, with its commentary on gender identity and sexual ambiguity cleverly disguised as a case of mistaken identity. Frog & Peach apply their quick wit and swift cinematic pace to another hilarious evening with the Bard that’s accessible, entertaining, and over before you know it. Co-founder and Artistic Director Lynnea Benson directs. Tickets are $24.95-$29.95 and can be purchased at

The cast of TWELFTH NIGHT includes Martin Bodenheimer, Jamar Brathwaite,  Alyssa Diamond, Dani Franco, Daniel Garcia, Shashwat Gupta, Kevin Hauver, Steve Mazzoccone, Karoline Patrick, John L. Payne, Richard James Porter, Blake Kelton Prentiss, Kyle Primack, Amy Frances Quint, Steven Ungar, and Jonathan Reed Wexler. Lighting Design is by three-time tony nominee and Drama Desk Award winner Dennis Parichy.  Sets and costumes are by Asa Benally. Choreography is by Geneva Jenkins with fight direction by Marcus Watson. Rafaella Rossi serves as stage manager.

1 hour 50 minutes with one intermission


About the Company: Frog and Peach

THE FROG AND PEACH THEATRE CO. is committed to dispelling the “rocket science” myth of Shakespeare by bringing wildly entertaining productions of Shakespeare’s plays to the people of New York.  We don’t dumb down the texts or engage in stunt period stuff (Wild West Winter’s Tale?  Not here.) —we painstakingly craft the scripts to appeal to Shakespeare fans and Gen-Y alike.  If you’ve ever walked the Upper West Side, you’ll know—it’s become astonishingly bifurcated in terms of income and level of education.  As former “troubled kids” themselves, the co-founders strive to engender a love of theatre in those who may not otherwise get an opportunity to see a live show, and to whet young appetites for the classics.   20% of all tickets are FREE to at-risk kids, their families, and the elderly.

Open:   02/22/19
Close:   03/17/19

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Friday, February 22nd through Sunday, March 17th - Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 3pm. :2/22/20192/23/20192/24/20192/28/20193/1/20193/2/20193/3/20193/7/20193/8/20193/9/20193/10/20193/14/20193/15/20193/16/20193/17/2019:2/22/20192/23/20192/24/20192/28/20193/1/20193/2/20193/3/20193/7/20193/8/20193/9/20193/10/20193/14/20193/15/20193/16/20193/17/2019:2/22/20192/23/20192/24/20192/28/20193/1/20193/2/20193/3/20193/7/20193/8/20193/9/20193/10/20193/14/20193/15/20193/16/20193/17/2019:

Theater:   Sheen Center
Address:   18 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012
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Buy Tickets Online or Call: Sheen Center at (212) 219-3132
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