Genre: Comedy, Lesbian+Gay, Musical
Slanty Eyed Mama

Tiger Moms! Embarrassing fanny pack moms! Warrior with a wok moms! Amerasian moms with stinky lunches to torture you with!


Iconic Amerasian duo Slanty Eyed Mama are defying their parents’ wishes for them to “quit the arts and apply to medical school” to bring their latest mashup of comedy, electric violin, punk rock spoken word and video to a stage rife with the haunting lore of Asian Mom-ness. Zombie Asian Moms is a genre busting performance by a multidisciplinary duo known for searing takes on Asian American culture and the politics of representAsian. Drawing on oral history interviews with live Asian Moms, a combined 80 years of filtering undead brain waves from of our own Asian moms, and the myths about Asian moms in popular culture, this show is for everyone curious to discover universal truths about crazy moms.


Zombie Asian Moms is the follow up show to the award-winning Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show from Asian American Sheroes Slanty Eyed Mama. This classically trained duo causes all-out Amerasian mayhem with their high energy, stereotype busting, Asian woman powered music and comedy. It’s genre defying, description eluding, performance art virtuosity that fuses race and diversity messaging with a pop culture sensibility. Zombie Asian Moms focuses on the chasms between immigrant parents and their Westernized children, and the beauty of intersectionality found right inside this kind of new American family circle. The two artists’ personal relationships to their Asian moms serve as a pathway to larger discussions about culture and motherhood drawn from Oral History interviews with Asian Moms.

About the Company: Slanty Eyed Mama

Slanty Eyed Mama is two good Asian girls gone bad-assed. Born as a passion project in the halls of the Juilliard school, comedian/writer Kate Rigg joined forces with violinist extraordinaire Lyris Hung to create a high-energy, pop-culture, street-infused, multi-genre comedy, rap, spoken word, electroclash, and rock ‘n roll project focused on the Asian American Experience. Slanty Eyed Mama quickly gained a National following headlining the Asian Pacific Islander Fest in NYC, the PBS special 'Race is the Place', and the National Conferences of Asian American Students at colleges across the country (ECAASU, NAASC). They have been invited to perform and speak twice at the Smithsonian Institute, featured on LOGO TV and Comedy Central, won numerous awards for their music videos. They are favorites at new music conferences (Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago), alternative music fests and benefits (Pridefest, LA Grand Performances), women's music festivals (Michigan, Girlfest Hawaii) and alt-culture venues like the Chicago Museum of Modern Art and The Perth International Art Festival. Most recently they toured their show Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show (which had its world premiere at La MaMa in 2015) to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and as a film to Indie Film Festivals across the country. Familiar faces in the downtown scene, they have held residencies at Dixon Place, the Bowery Poetry Club, HERE, La MaMa and next year will begin a new residency at Joe’s Pub. www.slantyeyedmama.com 

Open:   11/29/18
Close:   12/09/18

Thursday through Sunday at 8pm:
Theater:   La MaMa ETC
Address:   74A East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
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Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ovation Tickets at 866-811-4111
Company: Slanty Eyed Mama         Official Web Site: www.slantyeyedmama.com/