Genre: Comedy, Drama, Lesbian+Gay, Festival, Solo Performance
JJ Franco

An event to raise funds for the ATI awards
4 Monologues, 4 stories, 4 friends, united by art.

The event is in Spanish


Tickets are available at the door of the theater.
For reservations JJ Franco 9292002947:2/22/2018

Open:   02/22/18
Close:   02/22/18

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6: 00 PM
Monologue: La Regla - The Rule
Actor: Carlos Manuel Rivera
Author: Carlos Manuel Rivera
Director: Carlos Manuel Rivera

Monologue: Por Fin!- Finally!
Actress: Úrsula Tinoco
Author: Julie de Grandy
Director: George Riveron

And at 8 pm
Monologue: PER-DO-NAN-DO
Actor: Francisco Cardozo
Author: Francisco Cardozo
Director: Javier Méndez

The following is the winner of the 2017 festival
Monologue: El Doctor Insecto - The Insect Doctor
Actor: José Luis Useche
Author: José Luis Useche
Director: Cristina Noya


Theater:   The Crown Theater at The Producers Club
Address:   358 W. 44th St.
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:20 dollars will see two monologues at 6 pm and 20 dollars at 8 pm and will see other two monologues or Call: JJ FRANCO at
Company: Theater FenixUsany         Official Web Site: