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Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) presents the second workshop in the series How to Wrote a Musical That WorksConflict & Obstacles, on Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 10am - 6pm at NOLA Rehearsal Studio, 244 W 54th St., 5th floor, Studio 5. Submission fee is $10 for members, $20 for non-members. If accepted, it will be applied to a participation fee of $100 ($80 for TRU members). Those not selected will be invited and encouraged to attend the workshop as observers. The price is $55 ($35 for TRU members). Go to, click the link to download the application, fill it out, and email to to sign up. If accepted, the workshop includes 2 seats for the entire day workshop as well as your presentation slot. Space is limited. Any additional attendees from the musical team (including music director, additional collaborators and cast members) who wish to observe the entire workshop must reserve in advance and will be charged $25 per person.


This workshop is dedicated to fostering a conversation about musical theater structure not only for writers but also for producers, directors and everyone involved in the creation and production of new works.


Our professional panel of commercial producers, directors and writers will include:

  • Ken Cerniglia, dramaturg and literary manager of Disney Theatrical;
  • Cheryl Davis, Kleban and Larsen Award winning librettist and lyricist (Barnstormer), Audelco Award winning playwright (Maid's Door);
  • Nancy Golladay, literary consultant (NY Shakespeare Festival, O'Neill Conference, more), moderator of the BMI Librettists' Workshop; 
  • Skip Kennon, composer/lyricist (Herringbone, Don Juan DeMarco, Time and Again), former artistic coordinator of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop and teacher for two decades;
  • Bob Ost, executive director of Theater Resources Unlimited, and TRU Literary Manager Cate Cammarata will facilitate.


Writers (or producers!) are invited to submit no more than 25 pages of a show in a development. Submit selections of the show in which conflict and obstacles arise - the plot complications - plus MP3s of the songs within only those pages. Also send a concise synopsis of the opening in which the world of your show is introduced, and the want of characters and how it prepares the audience for the conflict in the section presented.


In the workshop we will focus on three main aspects:


  • 1) Songs that express differing points of view, or conflict;
  • 2) "Turnaround Songs" in which a character changes his course of action;
  • 3) The climactic moment (sometimes the first act finale) that drives us forward into the resolution (note: "resolution" will be in workshop #3). 


Discuss will focus on "I am" songs and "I feel" songs, and the function of each, with special attention paid to the way they move the action. In addition, the workshop will continually explore the delicate balance between script and song.



About the Company: Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU)

Theater Resources Unlimited(TRU) is a twenty-year-old 501c3 nonprofit organization created to help producers produce, emerging theater companies to emerge healthily and all theater professionals to understand and navigate the business of theater. Membership includes self-producing artists as well as career producers and theater companies.

TRU publishes an email community newsletter of services, goods and productions; presents the TRU VOICES Annual New Play Reading Series and Annual New Musicals Reading Series, two new works series in which TRU underwrites developmental readings to nurture new shows as well as new producers for theater; TRU offers a Producer Development & Mentorship Program whose mentors are among the most prominent producers and general managers in New York Theater, and also presents Producer Boot Camp workshops to help aspirants develop the business skills they need. TRU serves writers through a Writer-Producer Speed Date, a Practical Playwriting Workshop and a Director-Writer Communications Lab; programs for actors include an Annual Combined Audition and quarterly Resource Nights and “Speed Dating” as well as free monthly actor workshops, in partnership with Weist-Barron Studios. 

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Open:   02/25/18
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Feb. 25:
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Address:   250 W. 54th St.
New York, NY 10019
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